Elaine Wright Christensen elainec826@gmail.com
Poetry book: Still That Summer Girl  in paperback and as an ebook
Publisher: self-published through LULU.com
Publication date: June 2019
Available on Amazon.com, iBooks, barnesandnoble.com, and Lulu.com
Cost: $14.99 the paperback; $8.99 for ebook

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Book Description: Still That Summer Girl is a compilation of poems from the last 20 some years of my life. Many published and prize-winning poems tell of living in the desert beneath a mountain that knows me, while longing every day for the oceanóthe only place I truly recognize myself.

Sample Poem

The Woman Being Sawed In Half

is always smiling.

The woman being sawed in half
is a cake my sister bakes
for her sonís eighth birthday.
Three cake mixes, five bowls of icing
and there she is, a blue-dressed,
pink-shoed, lying-flat-on-her-back-cake-woman.
The saw, tin foiled and toothy,
slices through her abdomen
while her red licorice smile
keeps smiling.

My sister is a dancer, a choreographer, a mother.
She saws herself in half every day,
            She leaps into the air,
            her bare legs, muscled,
            her feet arched to perfect points.
            She spins, she bends.
            With one leg rooted to the stage,
            she extends the other, a branch stretching skyward.
            All the while her arms carry groceries,
            fold clothes, wipe counters, clean the tub,
            cradle the baby.

The magician who performs at her sonís party
saws her in half, draped
in purple on her kitchen table.
The boys cheer and clap.
But it hurts,
half of her lying there loving those children,
the other half dying slowly,
her legs wanting so to keep dancing.
The boys think itís all magic,
girls know better though:
            the trick is to keep smiling.