Lin Vernon Floyd
Poetry anthology book: Nature Notes for Kids
Publisher: self published; ordering details available at Letters from Lin (Lin's blog)
Publication date: Aug 2010
Number of pages: 50
Summary: This 50 page bound paperback for children features 75 original poems with full color clipart of creatures that live on our planet earth including: Insects, Bugs and More; Outdoors in Nature; Farm Animals; A Visit to the Zoo; Sea Creatures, and Looney Birds. There is a section for children to add their own creative poetry and illustrations. This book won was a Second Prize Winner of the Utah Arts and Museums Juvenile manuscript for 2010 and a cash award of $750.
Price: $15 plus $3 shipping.
Natures Notes for Kids

Sample poem

Picnic Pests

A picnic at the park
on a hot summer day,
it isn’t long before
pesky bugs come your way.

Buzzing the fried chicken,
slurping cups filled with fizz,
you can hear the bees say
“That looks good, so does this.”

                 You could share your picnic
                 or just ignore the pests.
                 But you’d be better off
                 to invite them as your guests.

Bees make such sweet honey,
help our flowers to bloom,
fruit to grow so tasty,
but give them lots of room.

                 Hitting them with a swatter
                 though it seems to be fun,
                 could get you in trouble.
                 So, be ready to run.

- Lin Vernon Floyd