Marilyn Bushman-Carlton
Poetry anthology book: Her Side of It
Publisher: Signature Books, Salt Lake City, UT  801-531-1483 or 801-531-1488
Publication date: July, 2010
Number of pages: over 100 pages.
Summary from Signature Books: "...a collection of very fine poetry about a woman's quiet rebellion again stupidity, her occasional conformity (although by choice), and the poet's thoughts about social convention, family interactions, religion, aphrodisiacs, and exotic places.  All themes that collide with the domesticated realities of the Salt Lake City suburbs.  The poet helps us find rhythm, language, and love among housework, parenting, and occasional children's soccer games, which are equally important to both her life and to ours."
Price: retail cost from Signature Books is $16.95. May be purchased for less on and also at a discount directly from the poet.