Markay Brown's UTSPS book of the year (2019): Planted in a Storm
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The Utah State Poetry Society named Markay Brown of St. George as Poet of the Year at their April 2019 convention held in Provo. Her collection of poetry titled, Planted in a Storm, won the UTSPS Book Publication Award. This is the second time in four years that a St. George poet has received this award.
Markay Brown is a prize-winning poet who admits she was born an addict to the written word. Her poetry manuscript, Eve’s Child, won first place in the 2014 Utah Original Writing Competition, judged by Richard Howard of Columbia University. Markay and her poet husband, Nad R. Brown, have collaborated on two books of poems, Blended and Behind the Red Door, a collection of their poems written about the eighteen month they served in Russia as humanitarian missionaries. Markay’s poems have appeared in Segullah, Provo/Orem Word, Utah Life Magazine, 15 Bytes, Encore, Dove Song, Southern Quill and elsewhere. A graduate of BYU, she serves as president of Redrock Writers in St. George and on the board of the St. George Literary Arts Festival. She and her husband are parents of five sons, grandparents of thirteen. Family is everything to her, having grown up basically without one of her own. Family, friends, music, reading, writing and long walks in the red rocks make her happy.