Shane D. Williams
Poetry book: All Mixed Up - A Motley Horde Of Funny Poems
Publisher: Brio Bound Books; ordering details available at as well as at
Publication date: April 2012
Number of pages: 50+
Summary: Over 50 side-splitting poems that will have you smiling, giggling, and laughing out loud! Filled with funny twists, witty wordplay and a host of mixed-up characters, this collection is a must-have for kids and adults who love to laugh.
Price: $12 plus $2 shipping.
Sample poem

Deadly Homework

It’s obvious that Science
Is not my favorite class,
And Mrs. Nogg, my teacher,
Doesn’t think that I will pass.

She’s heard all my excuses
About where my homework went.
She won’t believe a thing I say;
Her patience has been spent.

So last night I did my homework,
'Cause I didn’t want to fail,
But my chemical experiment
Just didn't go too well…

The jar that I had mixed it in
Tipped over on Mom’s plants…
They grew some teeth and came alive,
Then did a spooky dance.

I tried to think of something…
(They were drooling on the floor!)
So I grabbed them all and threw them out,
Then quickly slammed the door!

Today I have a new excuse
To tell to Mrs. Nogg,
But I doubt that she’ll believe me….
My homework ate my dog!

- Shane D. Williams